Fizzle fizzling around with international fizzles

The Lamp Tavern,

Barford St,


B5 6AH.

Tuesday 20th May, 8:30pm.

Francois Carrier – alto sax

Alexey Lapin – piano

Michel Lambert – drums

This group has released three live albums on Leo Records since their first Russian Tour. Furthermore, FMR Records will soon release a new live double album of our April 2013 russian tour.

More here:

Hobbs and Bryars at the London Contemporary Music Festival

Hobbs and Bryars will recreate parts of their album, Ensemble Music (Obscure 2), May 26, 2014, including:

  • Christopher Hobbs, Aran and McCrimmon Will Never Return
  • Gavin Bryars, 1,2,1-2-3-4

plus music by John White and a live improvisation by Maggie Nicols. This is a rare — nay, an unheard-of — recreation of Hobbs’ and Bryars’ pieces using antiquated instruments (reed organs, toy pianos) and (hopefully) live analogue electronics.

Really worth seeing just for these three pieces.