Recordings to stream and download

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EMC119. Hobbs-White Duo at Whitechapel Gallery, 6 October 1973. A Bandcamp archival recording download — £0, or what you will!

EMC118. Christopher Hobbs. SudoWho. A Bandcamp single download — £1, or what you will!

EMC117. Bruce Coates, Chris Hobbs, Virginia Anderson. CHA: Live from Wigmore Hall. A Bandcamp album download — £6 for the album, £2 per track, or what you will!

sudoku126-editEMC 116. Christopher Hobbs. Sudoku 126. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

devil-in-garden-edit-17-10-16EMC 115. Dave Smith. Diabolus Apocalypsis. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

smith-frivolous-editEMC 114. Dave Smith. Frivolous and Vexatious. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

moderation-editEMC 113. Dave Smith. Moderation in Nothing. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

waiting edit finalEMC 112. Rick Cox (music), Read Miller (text). Waiting for Anything. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

A beautiful example of the Los Angeles aesthetic; a memorial for the composer Francis Oliver, recorded live at the Memorial Chapel, University of Redlands.

voideditEMC 111.  Christopher Hobbs In the Silent Void. A Bandcamp download — £5, or what you will!

An absolutely gorgeous piece with a great performance by the late Brian Dennis, Andrew James, and Chris Hobbs.

sudoku26 editEMC 110.  Chris Hobbs Sudoku 26, for John White on his birthday. A Bandcamp download — what you will!

A fun, lovely Sudoku celebration of John White’s 2006 birthday, released here for his 2016 birthday!

wut editEMC 109.  John White WUT Again? NOT WUT AGAIN! A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

Two pieces from a classic performance by the Hartzell Hilton Band of some great 1980s White!

Levels editEMC 108.  Michael Parsons Levels. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

Three pieces: a string quartet, a set of two duos,  and an alto flute solo from Parsons’ seventieth birthday concert. Lovely stuff!

Tenebrio edit 2EMC 107.  Michael Parsons Tenebrio. A Bandcamp download — Name your price (including £0.00 or what you will!)

Tenebrio is work for computer-controlled electronic sounds composed in 1995, one of a series of ‘Nocturnes’ commissioned for late-night listening by BBC Radio 3.

forest editEMC 106.  Christopher Hobbs Hobbs with the Hartzell Hilton. A Bandcamp download — £3, or what you will!

From the now-classic Lauderdale House concert by the Hartzell Hilton Band. Two pieces: Gothic Swing and Another Part of the Forest.

sudoku 104 cover croppedEMC 105. Christopher Hobbs Sudoku 104. A Bandcamp download — Name your price (including £0.00!).

One of Christopher Hobbs’ series of pieces based on Sudoku puzzles, using Garageband processes.

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