EMC upgrades move to Jems

The current summer updates to the Experimental Music Catalogue website have now moved to our associated peer-review journal, JemsThe editors have added a category called ‘Links to like-minded writings’, which will connect Jems to work that will amplify and contextualise the discourse on experimental and minimalist music. These writings are already in fixed format and will be available through open-access. The first link is James Pritchett’s perceptive study of Cage’s spirituality in the 1940s and 50s. There will be more to come.

EMC Upgrade/update

Sharp-eyed readers will see a lot of changes slowly appearing to the EMC website. First, there’s a slightly sleeker look. We think that it might be easier to find things with our new menu. We’re placing more pictures on the page, sound file samples of the CDs that we currently sell, and are just starting to put short samples from our scores, with a bit more information about each piece. You can see an example of this last improvement here, with a page for Chris Hobbs’ 24 Preludes for solo piano: http://www.experimentalmusic.co.uk/emc/Hobbs_24_Preludes.html . More — much more — to come. We hope to add many more freebies as we go, so keep in touch!