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This is a new page, to replace the long lost EMC links page. We’ll add to it as we can.

Composers’ web pages:

Gavin Bryars: This is the site for the music and writings of Gavin Bryars, who was one of the great movers and shakers in the EMC in its early days and who kept faith with it directly until it was wound down in the early 1980s, and a great support for us when we resurrected it in the late 1990s. For Gavin’s music after 1970, see this site (and his publisher, Schott).

Scores and score collections:

Jordan Nobles Open Score Collection: Indeterminate compositions from a young Canadian composer. They’re mostly specified events, presented for instruments (and handily transposed), which are then presented ad libitum, or as directed. Reminds us of Henry Brant’s Instant Compositions.

Record Labels:

Cold Blue Music: Lovely Los Angeles scene music by our long-time friend, Jim Fox.

Danny Dark Records: Recording company and performance work from Walter and Horace Cardew. You can get The Great Learning through them as well, should you wish.

Frog Peak Music: Famous composer collective. Includes Michael Parsons, amongst others.

Irritable Hedgehog Music: Various sounds (everything from the postminimalists to Wandelwieser-guys), t-shirts, mugs, and stuff from David McIntire, in Kansas City.

Musicnow: Scratch Orchestra, Cardew, Hugh Shrapnel, Brian Dennis, and others on a recording company and information site run by Laurie and Brigid Scott Baker.

Other Minds: Charles Amirkhanian’s amazing cooperative, record company, radio station, and archive. One could spend one’s life there, especially in RadiOM, the archive of KPFA and other historic recordings, and the air checks from the more recent KALW series, Music from Other Minds. There’s a shop, if you need a t-shirt, and all sorts of good things. Very hip, San Francisco.

Magazines and journals:

Open Space: This magazine/journal was established by Benjamin Boretz and others and much of the content has that über-serious Uptown vibe. There are, however, some really relevant items for experimental music fans, so it’s worth a look. This link is to their download page, which has the first issue free, as well as an article by Philip Corner, and some other good stuff.

Other good things:

Light Music Society: An interesting, and burgeoning, website devoted to the artistry of Leroy Anderson, Roger Quilter and other composers of light music.


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