BR0033: Walter and Horace Cardew, Stephen Moore, Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark

danny dark cover002

Track 1: (Bits of Rubbish) Innocence Hymn

CD recording: music by Horace and Walter Cardew and Stephen Moore, lyrics by Stephen Moore.  Musicians: Laura Pooley, soprano voice; Dai Pritchard, woodwinds and trumpet; Horace Cardew, tenor saxophone and clarinets; Mick Foster, baritone saxophone and clarinets; Walter Cardew, guitar and percussion; Matthew Dungey, keyboards and voice.  The authors explain this recording as follows:

‘Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark’ is a suite of pieces describing a story of loss — the inescapable loss of innocence. Danny Dark’s world is uncompromising; it offers few chances to escape. When it does these chances must be seized without turning back or are forever lost. His world is harsh and hopeless, but true. The songs are based around real events, although the language is sometimes surreal. The compositions are mostly constructed using a collage technique – texture added, bits bolted on here and there, mixing improvisation, composition, electronics and acoustic instruments.

Really nice sound quality; professionally produced.  We like it, especially the price, which the Cardews asked us to set!  £7 + p & p.

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