Recordings by post

CDs by post:

sudoku 82 coverBR0036. Chris Hobbs, Sudoku 82. Cold Blue Recordings £7.50 (£8.25 inc. p&p in the UK).

‘Real’ piano version by Bryan Pezzone; ‘sudoku’ process systems by Christopher Hobbs.

parsons348BR0035. Michael Parsons.  Piano Music 1993-2007. £10 + p&p

John Tilbury plays classic experimental pieces by Scratch Orchestra co-founder and experimental pioneer Michael Parsons.

parsons cover008BR0027. Michael Parsons.  Piano Music 1977-96. £10 + p & p.

Postminimalist music composed and performed one of the founders of the British experimental movement. Completes the set with BR0035.

smith cover004BR0034. Dave Smith.  Dave Smith plays Smith. £10 plus p & p.

Piano music by one of the best experimental composers in Britain. A real find!

sudokucoverEMC104. Christopher Hobbs Sudoku Music. £10 + p & p.

Classic sudoku processes by the inventor of readymade systems music and (along with John White) a pioneer in British systems minimalism.

fils cover001EMC103. Erik Satie. Le fils de étoiles. £10 + p & p. Score for £12.50 and the CD for £10: both £20.

Not just the Preludes, but Satie’s music for the whole three acts of Peladan’s play. The most accurate edition of the score to date, edited by Chris Hobbs, performed by Chris Hobbs.

danny dark cover002BR0033.  Walter and Horace Cardew, Stephen Moore.  Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark. £7 + p & p.

Cool new music from Cardew, the Next Generation.

19 years cover003BR0032.  Paul Dunmall and Bruce Coates.  19 Years Later. £10 + p & p.

Free improv from stalwarts of the British frimp scene.

pto cover005EMC102. Promenade Theatre Orchestra. The Orangery: October 1 1972. £10 + p & p.

An iconic performance by the legendary London quartet. Essential.

fifty in 2000 cover009EMC101.  Christopher Hobbs. Fifty in Two Thousand. £10 p & p.

A 75-minute systemic piece for piano, prepared piano, electronic keyboard and percussion, written by Hobbs for a concert on his fiftieth birthday.

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