JEMS Submissions

Submissions Guidelines:

JEMS: Journal of Experimental Music Studies is a young, online peer-reviewed journal maintained in association with the Experimental Music Catalogue.  JEMS is a rolling journal (articles are added as they are accessed, rather than issued in quarterly or other volumes) and this is a call for papers (full articles, reviews and interviews) in the academic study of:

  • British and American experimental music
  • Systems and minimalism
  • Free improvisation
  • ‘New’ tonality

and other related issues.

The JEMS editor is Virginia Anderson (Experimental Music Catalogue).  Members of the editorial board include Bruce Coates (Newman University College); Christopher Hobbs (University of Coventry) and Dave Smith (University of Hertfordshire).

We are looking for original work that is not already on the web. Article word counts are usually between 5K–10K, although interesting shorter or longer submissions are welcome. We would really like to see submissions in which the writer has thought about the ethos and subject area of JEMS, and has tailored their work accordingly. You may, for instance, think about making significant alterations to theses, term papers, articles submitted to other journals, compositions and recordings, etc., to make it fit our subject area and ethos. You might also like to look at the style instructions below before submission.

Please send abstracts or full manuscripts (either in the body of a text email or as Pages or Microsoft Word attachment) for consideration to jems** (for **, substitute @).

Figures and tables may be submitted as jpegs, or initially in pdf.  Musical examples must be submitted as Finale, jpeg, or pdf files.  Please explain your article briefly in the body of your email and use a relevant subject header if you send an attachment so that we can distinguish it clearly from unwanted mail.  For submission guidelines, see Introduction, Acknowledgements, and Explanations.  For a pdf copy of Jems preferred style, click here.

To send materials for review, please contact the editor at jems** (for **, substitute @) for a snail-mail address.