Cage Water Music in Birmingham and the World

This might be fun:

As part of the Cage hundredth birthday festivities, the Forum for Contemporary Music, Leipzig is curating the event, Cage 100, One of the main strands of the event is the Water Music Project: This event will occur between 8-15 March in Leipzig and in several sister cities, including Nanjing, Bologna, and Houston, Texas, where various performers will present their version of Water Music. All events will be streamed live on the Cage 100 site.

Water Music (1952) is one of Cage’s most theatrical pieces of the time, requiring not just prepared piano, but also various toys, whistles, and radio sound.

EMC founder Christopher Hobbs will spearhead the show from Birmingham, England, at the Ikon Gallery, where he will perform amidst an exhibition of the work of the Russian artist Timur Novikov. Details for this event are here: . It should be a fun show!

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