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More fizzling from Mike Hurley:

Hello friends of improvised music.

There will unfortunately be no Fizzle gig on the 24th September.

The next Fizzle being 8th October: Tout Croche + Chris Mapp solo bass and electronics.
More info at:

But no fear. Fizzle heartily recommends the following:

20th September at Ort café.
Toby Delius is a British saxophonist who has spent most of his playing career abroad, initially in Germany and then Mexico before settling some years ago in Amsterdam.  There he is a key figure of the jazz and improvising scene playing most notably in the Instant Composers Pool that recently had a three-day residency at The Vortex in London.  Toby’s sound owes a lot to the great saxophonists from the 1930s onwards, notably Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, but his style is that of the 2000s.
Toby is touring UK with bass player, Olie Brice and in Birmingham Miles Levin on drums.  At the Birmingham gig, this Friday 20th September at Ort Cafe on the Moseley Road opposite Moseley Baths (500 – 506 Moseley Road, to be precise) at 9pm, they will be joined by Paul Dunmall, one of Europe’s finest improvisers on sax, clarinet and pipes.  This is exclusive to Birmingham and is a very exciting prospect, two great improvising saxophonists who respect the jazz tradition, but take it somewhere else.
For further information see an interview with the tour organiser Olie Brice at  

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