Fossils and Monsters concert

Our friend, Ian Mitchell, sends us news of a concert:

Fossils and Monsters

Thursday 8th August & Friday 9th August, 2013 18:55-19:55

fossils and monsters
Alison Wells, Ian Mitchell, Catriona Scott


Judith Bingham, Christopher Hobbs, Colin Riley,

William O. Smith

Judith Bingham, John Ginman

Costume Designer: Carolyn Richardson
Electronics: Colin Riley

Mary Anning: Alison Wells
Mary Shelley: Alison Wells
Clarinet: Ian Mitchell
Clarinet: Catriona Scott

Fossils and Monsters presents the tales of Mary Anning and Mary Shelley – both living in the 19th century but from very different backgrounds; both experts in their field but largely unrecognised in their time. Alison Wells performs Mary Anning by Judith Bingham and Science Fictions by Colin Riley, framed by extraordinary pieces for clarinets played by Ian Mitchell and Catriona Scott.

With up to 3 shows a night for just £7.50 (£5 concessions) each why not make and evening of it? The Festival is programmed so you can see a number of shows on the same visit, have a look at the calender HERE to see what else you can book for.

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