Hobbs and Smith play piano four hands and piano duo music

Christopher Hobbs and Dave Smith will appear in a lecture-recital, ‘British minimalist and postminimalist music for piano duet and two pianos’, at the Institute for Musical Research conference, With Four Hands: Music for Two Pianists on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 at 3.15 pm. This will be preceded by a paper by Virginia Anderson, ‘Remorseless lambs: Piano duets in British minimalism and postminimalism’, at 2.15 pm. Included in the lecture-recital will be works by Hobbs, Smith, John White, Michael Parsons, Howard Skempton, and others, representing some of the greatest works in the British minimalist and systems repertoire. This is going to be a historic concert, uniting two of the best-known systems piano duos of the 1970s (Hobbs of the Hobbs-White Duo, Smith of the Smith-Lewis Duo), with some pieces (such as an excerpt of Hobbs’ The Remorseless Lamb) in a rare performance or the first performance since the 1970s and 80s.

The event will occur at Senate House, Chancellor’s Hall, University of London (Malet Street London WC1E 7HU), and represents one session of the conference, with Anderson’s 20 minute paper and Hobbs and Smith’s 45 minute recital.

You can see the information here:


and the entire programme here:


Two points:

1. Note that Anderson’s paper has been moved from the later time on this programme.

2. Also note that the prices for attending are for the entire day or the entire conference, so this might be financially viable for those of you with university research support. We are trying to find a venue with two matched pianos so that Hobbs and Smith can perform this as a concert (and include the whole of Remorseless Lamb). Do get in touch if you have/know about such a venue.


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