More fizzles

Mike Hurley tells us things from Birmingham:

This very special gig will be the last Fizzle until 22nd Jan 2013.

Tuesday 11th December at The Lamp Tavern, Barford St, B5 6AH.
8:30pm start, £5/3.

This new trio includes Christopher Hobbs(perc/electronics/objects) who has worked with AMM, Christian Wolff, Gavin Bryars and Cornelius Cardew. Laurence Hunt(perc/electronics/objects) of Pram and The Modified Toy Orchestra and Mike Hurley(piano/perc). This gig will also have a solo set by gifted young improviser Chloe Cutler.

Hope you can make this last gig of the season it as im sure it will be a corker!

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