Next week’s Fizzle

Andy Woodhead sends us the following from frimpland (where all is freely improvised). Looks good — Paul Dunmall is always worth a listen.

Hello again!

We had a cracking week last week with Alicia and Tom and Alison and co, and a great turn-out as well, so thanks all for coming! Recordings are making their way to the archive in the near future all being well, so keep your ears to the ground for those.

We’ve got an absolute belter of a Fizzle coming up for you this tuesday…

Doing the early set we have:

Richard Foote – Trombone
Joe Wright – Tenor Sax
Tom Ford – Guitar/FX
Euan Palmer – Drums and Cymbals

followed by:

Liam Noble – Piano
Paul Dunmall – Saxophones
Mark Sanders – Drums and Cymbals

Doors at 7
Early Set at 7.15
Main Band at 8

Usual fiver on the door

See you all there!

He didn’t add the location, but here it is: The Lamp Tavern, Barford St, Birmingham, B5 6AH.

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