Ordering the little way….

Occasionally we get requests from big companies, publishers, universities and so on, assuming that we’re a big publishing firm. But we’re just a little group of people putting out the odd score and CD (some admittedly, odder than others). We’re kind of like a village women’s club who sell a few pots of jam to cover the cost of the sugar, fruit and jars, simply because they like making jam. And of course the composers get royalties on each sale. It’s only a little bit (a straight 10%), but we think it’s important that they get recognition.

So here’s a bit of EMC housekeeping: how to order stuff from the EMC. We like to do things in the easiest way possible. We recommend that order through us by email and pay by PayPal. It’s the cheapest way we’ve found to get the good ol’ EMC stuff from us to you. The information about how to do this is here: http://www.experimentalmusic.co.uk/emc/How_to_Order,_Submissions,_Privacy.html.

We usually get the money transferred into our Paypal account and immediately send out the order within a day or two — the very next day the Post Office is open, usually. And you can always email us at questions**experimentalmusic.co.uk (for the **, substitute @) if you need any assistance — heck, just to chat.

Right, that’s enough housekeeping. The next blog post will be more interesting, promise.


Author: admin

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