Fizzle this week….

Hi there,

Mike Hurley sent the regular Fizzle announcement. This one sounds good, and if you’re still not convinced, the Lamp Tavern does really good beer!

Fizzle at The Lamp Tavern

Tuesday 5th March, 2013, 8:30pm

Daniel Thompson (guitar) Neil Metcalfe (flute) Guillaume Viltard (double bass)
This incredible acoustic free improvising trio play at Fizzle as part of a tour to launch their new cd entitled ‘Garden of Water and Light’.

Thompson and Viltard are relatively new to the scene but have established a strong reputation. Metcalfe is nothing short of a master, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest musicians of our time.

“As so often with trios that lack drums, their absence seems like a release, and imbues the music with a refreshing lightness. Viltard’s bass underpins the music, meaning it is less active than the flute and guitar which play together more. Metcalfe’s flute is the dominant voice of the trio, soloing almost continuously with great fluency and a seemingly endless supply of melodic phrases and fragments. In his hands, the flute achieves the freedom of birdsong, creating music that flows.”
From a review of ‘Garden of Water and Light’ by John Eyles 2013.

Cage Water Music in Birmingham and the World

This might be fun:

As part of the Cage hundredth birthday festivities, the Forum for Contemporary Music, Leipzig is curating the event, Cage 100, One of the main strands of the event is the Water Music Project: This event will occur between 8-15 March in Leipzig and in several sister cities, including Nanjing, Bologna, and Houston, Texas, where various performers will present their version of Water Music. All events will be streamed live on the Cage 100 site.

Water Music (1952) is one of Cage’s most theatrical pieces of the time, requiring not just prepared piano, but also various toys, whistles, and radio sound.

EMC founder Christopher Hobbs will spearhead the show from Birmingham, England, at the Ikon Gallery, where he will perform amidst an exhibition of the work of the Russian artist Timur Novikov. Details for this event are here: . It should be a fun show!

William C. Wright music

This might be of interest to those of you in the Chicago area:

Hello to all!

I am writing to alert you to the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation’s “Break the Box” series and its opening event of 2013 — a lecture-performance celebrating the release of “The Music of William C. Wright,” a first-ever recording of the compositions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s composer-father. More information can be found here:
Hope to see you there! (And if you know of other potentially interested parties, please feel free to spread the word!)
Thanks much!
–David Patterson
  Producer, The Music of William C. Wright

Fizzle on Tuesday 5 February

Mike Hurley sends us the news from Birmingham. If you’re around the West Midlands, come say hey to the EMC folk (and find out what ‘objects’ Chris Hobbs decides to use)!

Hope you can make it to Fizzle this Tuesday 5th February at The Lamp Tavern, B5 6AH.
8:30pm, £5/3

Virginia Anderson (clarinets)
Christopher Hobbs (piano, electronics, objects)
Bruce Coates (saxes)

For more info check out and


Andy Lee at Café Oto

Hi there,

Paul Epstein has written with great news about Andy Lee, the minimalist pianist, who is performing minimal and minimalish music, including Paul Epstein, Alvin Curran, Jürg Frey, and Dennis Johnson, at Café Oto, London, March 8 and 9. Information here: . We saw Andy play at the Third International Conference on Minimalist Music in Leuven in 2011, and have his recordings on Irritable Hedgehog, and can say that if you like your minimalism pianistic and classic, this is the guy for you. Andy is based in Colorado, so Londoners, this is a great opportunity to see him live.

Fizzle off and on again

Hi all,

Mike has sent news of the following cool stuff at Fizzle!

Hello all, the gig arranged for the 22nd January has had to be moved to 26th.
Sorry if this means that you cant make it!

Saturday 26th January, 8:30pm.
The Lamp Tavern.

Mark Lockett(electric keyboards) Trevor Lines(electric bass) Lluis Mather(sax) Ric Yarborough(drums).
Eminent ethnomusicologist and multi instrumentalist Lockett with long time collaborator Trevor Lines and talented young improvisers Mather and Yarborough.

Next gig will be Chris Hobbs/Virginia Anderson/Bruce Coates on 5th Feb.
more info


This Saturday’s improv gig is full of talent, so it’s worth checking out. Also, note that the 5 Feb will be the EMC improv date in Birmingham, with EMCfounder Chris Hobbs (on keyboards and bits), EMCgal Virginia Anderson (clarinets), and EMCdude (the designer of the pretty EMC logo) Bruce Coates (sax). Come along if you can, and say ‘hi’!

More fizzles

Mike Hurley tells us things from Birmingham:

This very special gig will be the last Fizzle until 22nd Jan 2013.

Tuesday 11th December at The Lamp Tavern, Barford St, B5 6AH.
8:30pm start, £5/3.

This new trio includes Christopher Hobbs(perc/electronics/objects) who has worked with AMM, Christian Wolff, Gavin Bryars and Cornelius Cardew. Laurence Hunt(perc/electronics/objects) of Pram and The Modified Toy Orchestra and Mike Hurley(piano/perc). This gig will also have a solo set by gifted young improviser Chloe Cutler.

Hope you can make this last gig of the season it as im sure it will be a corker!

Doom tuba, anyone?

Okay, folks, you may have thought you’ve heard of everything, but Our Friend Mike the Fizzle King sez otherwise:

Hello tuba lovers.

Fizzle this Tuesday 30th October at The Lamp Tavern, Barford St, B5 6AH.
8:30pm start, £5/3.

ORE + Mike Hurley(drums)

Doom tuba group ORE are fresh back from a European tour with the Oxbow Orchestra.
For their Fizzle performance they have kindly asked myself to play drums.

They are really worth checking out!


Smith plays Smith-thinking-about-Alkan

And we didn’t even get Charles-Valentin a card. . . . (No, seriously, these are cool pieces, and Dave’s an exciting player: put it in your calendar!)

Music for yesterday’s Alkan birthday.

A Dave Smith recital at 6.30 (note starting time) on Saturday 1st December at Schotts Recital Room, 48 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7BB.

The concert will include works of Smith which have an Alkan connection – Al contrario, On the virtues of forests and Inter alia.

Best wishes