CHA goes oop North!

Ah, the cobbled streets and tiny pubs; the sound of a slow nostalgic jazz tune under shots of housetops…oh, sorry, that was Coronation Street! Well, the next best thing is happening. Those people who live in the Manchester area might be interested in next week’s Sounds of the Engine House Christmas fiesta, which will feature CHA (Bruce Coates (saxes), Christopher Hobbs (keyboards and percussion), Virginia Anderson (clarinets and other things), this year’s new free improvisation trio, plus Mark Summers (viola da gamba) and David Bainbridge (guitars), on Monday 16 December, upstairs at the Old Nags Head, Jackson Row, Deansgate, M2 5WD. The festivities start at 7.30 and run to 10.30. For information, see and its Facebook events page: . CHA’s web page on the Experimental Music Catalogue blog page is: . Hope to see you there!

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