Fizzle’s fizzling out with a melodic trio!

Mike sends us news of some swingin’ C melody action to close out Fizzle for 2013:

Fizzle this Tuesday 3rd December at The Lamp Tavern, B5 6AH.
8:30pm, £5/3.

A special project initiated by Trevor Lines and featuring three varied compositions named Doina 1, 2 and 3.

Paul Dunmall with strings and percussion
Paul Dunmall – sax/clarinet
Trevor Lines – bass
Miles Levin – drums
With viola quartet led by Beth Gifford.

C-Melody Three
Paul Dunmall, Bruce Coates and Mike Fletcher on c-melody saxophones
With Miles Levin(drums) and Trevor Lines(bass).

This will be the last Fizzle concert until February 2014.
More info at:

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