Sizzle with da FIzzle, dogs!

More from Mike about Fizzle and all things Birmingham:

Good news for Fizzle this Tuesday.

Benedict Taylor, Tom Jackson and Dom Lash will now be joined by Mark Sanders on drums/percussion.

Also two fantastic gigs coming up:


Jazzlines is celebrating Paul Dunmall’s birthday (which actually came earlier in the year) and his major contribution to music with a special concert at mac (Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park) on Saturday 26th October at 8pm.  The concert will feature two aspects of Paul’s music, the improv. side and his compositional side.  The concert will start with an improvised set from the Realisation Trio, which features, as well as Paul, Nick Jurd on bass and Jim Bashfordon drums.  This is the group that made an excellent album earlier this year.  In the second set Paul will present the premiere of a composed work for a new sextet featuring Percy Pursglove on trumpet, Mike Fletcher on alto sax and flute, Paul on various instruments, Mike Hurley on piano, Chris Mapp on bass and Mark Sanders on drums.  Of course there will be plenty of room for improvisation within the compositions.

On Tuesday November 5th Jazzlines will be presenting at mac a new Ango French project developed with La Dynamo club in Pantin Paris and supported by Jazz Shuttle.  The music is the setting to music of certain poems written by Langston Hughes, the key writer in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1930s and 40s.  The music has been developed over five days of rehearsal by Hasse Poulsen guitar, Luc Ex bass guitar, Mark Sanders drums and Elaine Mitchener vocals. Tony Dudley-Evans attended the premiere at La Dynamo last week and reports that the music is very strong moving from poignant songs to very exciting improv., but always with a wonderful groove.  Strongly recommended.

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